Mandarin Gardens

High up at 21 stories, Mandarin Gardens provides a perfect view of East Coast Parkway. The owner has a good view and the idea here is to not waste this view away. Instead, we decided to make use of the available balcony space to create an abode for the married couple with 3 young children. 

Just a space to steal some time away from the hustle and bustle of busy little Singapore. 

Lets see how this turns out...


See this common problem; air-con compressors. Its really an eye-sore. 


We decided to create a day bed that would be perfect for Sunday breakfast and maybe an evening read. 

To counter this eye-sore, we customised a Biowood louver screen. This screen is hardly opened except when necessary for regular air-con servicing. On most days, it just looks awesome and you might just forget you had air-con compressors there. 

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our new brochure...

curves are BACK!

This project focused on making use of the large balcony space available to maximize comfort and greenery in the midst of the surrounding buildings. This design was aimed to create a garden in the home rather than just placing random plants in pots along the sides of the balcony, a treachery common to most home-owners. 

Let me take you through the entire process of this transformation. 

Below are the pictures of the bare and raw balcony. 

 This is the main balcony. 

The unique size plus its sheer length is advantageous. 
It is approximately 10m in length. 

This is another view point from the other end. 

This is the balcony extended from the master bedroom. 

It is pretty spacious. 

Now that we have an idea of how big the balcony actually is, what is commonly most home-owners succumb to is one of the following:

1. "let it be, let it be..."
2. Deck the entire balcony.
3. Deck part of the balcony with
potted plants by the side. 

 What did I tell you? I swear I wasn't searching for it. 
It just happened to be opposite this unit.

I mean no disrespect, but I believe one can do much better. Consider the fact that one has spent over a million on this property. 
Wouldn't it be better to make your home a personal sanctuary 
rather than just a house one stays in? 

( isn't as expensive as you thought it to be.)

Now lets see some of the transformation pictures.

Standard batten decking methodology.

Now look at those curves.

Straight lines are boring.


Now the for the result of the final concept.

Now we see the difference it makes. 
Imagining having breakfast with scones and sipping English tea in your balcony. Now that's a little enjoyment of life in busy little Singapore. 


Stay tuned for more updates on our projects.

balconies too?

hello. apologies for the slight hiatus, due to overwhelming response from the recent Singapore Garden Festival 2012, we've been really busy. Nevertheless, here are some recently completed projects.

Meadows @ Pierce, Balcony Decking

Over here we have a typical predicament most home owners are bound to face. A balcony with a planter box. For this project we, have decided to deck the balcony with Biowood and leave a portion of the planter box for a small home garden. A little garden to soothe the perpetual busy-ness that we Singaporeans face, daily.

Biowood Timber Strips

Biowood Balcony Decking

Open air balconies are a waste if not properly blended into the living room to give an extended living space. Balconies with Biowood not only gives it an enduring view, it also gives you the peace of nature with you.

Biowood balcony

Potted plants and pans are so passé, a real home garden is what makes your balcony different from your neighbour's. Everyone has pots of plants but who has a garden in their balcony? 

With automated irrigation technologies, you can go for a holiday knowing that your plants are adequately watered. A peace of mind at last. Another alternative would be using synthetic green turfing, feels as good as real carpet grass. From the picture below, it is difficult to tell real plants (background) from fake grass (foreground).

biowood, decking, balcony, green, garden

A completed balcony with Biowood decking.

biowood, balcony, timber, wood, composite

biowood, timber decking, composite, wood for bathroom

home, garden, balcony, wood, biowood

green, turfing, synthetic grass, biowood, homegarden, home

It is believed that green is restful colour that bears many benefits. Having a home garden soothe's the eyes, helps in creative thinking, visually softens a space, brings your apartment from house to home and in my opinion reduces household squabbles. 

Well maybe that's not scientifically proven, but hey, it works!


if water isn't enough...

what are the odds of a fire occurring in your bathroom?? 

Maybe this will give you some comfort. 

Some FAQ on Biowood

Firstly, I would like to apologize to everyone who has been frantically trying to visit our main website It is currently going through some exciting improvements and I sincerely apologize for the frustration and inconvenience it has caused you. 

Meanwhile, you can find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below...

What exactly is this wood that's being used in bathrooms?
This wood that you find ever so amazing, is known as Biowood. It is a composite material made up of 70% recycled farm wood and 30% additives and uPVC.

How come the cross-section of Biowood looks like "paper"? Are you sure its durable?

Yes, Biowood is more durable then conventional wood and other composites. But no, it is not made of papier-mâché. This "paper-like" cross-section is a unique feature of Biowood; one of its kind among composite woods. This design makes Biowood weigh considerably lesser, caters for heat expansion and makes it cooler to walk on during a sunny day. 

What is the expected lifespan of Biowood?
Biowood is expected to last over 50 years! Best thing is you would almost forget that it was composite wood after 10 years. 

What do you mean I will forget?!
Biowood is engineered to imitate wood so closely that you would almost forget that your flooring is actually made of Biowood.

Will the Biowood decking colour fade?
Honestly, the sun and all its glory makes everything pale in comparison. But yes, even the colour of REAL timber fades. Incidentally, the Biowood Weatherwood decking colour was made to make it look like, well, weathered, faded, naturally sun-kissed wood. 

What can I do to stop the fading?
Any wood UV coating would do a good job. We have our very own UV protectant that lasts up to 3 times longer.

Will the Biowood decking scratch?
Yes! Even granite, hard as it is, will scratch. Even timber will scratch. The depth of the scratch or gouge is what matters, and what you can do to remedy it.

How do I remedy scratches on Biowood decking?
Depending on the depth of the scratch or gouge, will dictate the size grit of the sand paper to be used. You could start with a 120grit and keep going higher ( the higher the sand paper number, the finer it is) until your level of satisfaction is reached. Reapply the Biowood seal after the repair work is done.

What are Biowood's major features?
Fire Retardant - CSIRO Tested: self-extinguishing – has a Spread of Flame Index of ZERO (0). Unlike solid timber, Biowood is not combustible and therefore stops burning when the source of heat is removed.

Labour Efficient - Easy installation, concealed fixing, lighter than other materials, less manpower needed, long lengths, straight and true to shape and size, use standard carpentry tools

Durable - water, mould, mildew, termite resistant; will not splinter, crack or warp; proven, time tested suitability for marine, intertidal and salt spray environments, UV Stable under normal environmental conditions, even in full sun, when coated with Biowood clear coating

Environmentally Friendly - fully recyclable, also suitable for use in indoor environments – very low volatile compounds emissions at an E1Rating

Cost Effective  Costs considerably lesser than good grade timber!

Product Warranty – 25 years from date of purchase, to be free from manufacturing defects and/or faulty material, provided they are properly installed and maintained

Virtually Maintenance Free – depending on foot traffic and north orientation, coating will last for 3-5 years.

Full-bodied, homogeneous – can be resanded if needed.

There's a lot more that Biowood can offer!

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 

some serious stuff!

What you will find below is the transformation process of your typical private estate swimming pool bathroom/changing room. 

The profiles mainly used for this transformation were:

Interior flooring W113 x H12
Colour: Weather Wood (Emboss)

Indoor wall panels W240 x H6
Colour: Teak

Louvers W150 x H24
Colour: Deep Walnut

Skirting (Square) W95 x H12
Colour: Weather Wood 

for those who might not already know, aims to give
 homeowners a fresh perspective on the imPOSSIBLE use of wood in your common bathroom. 

for the majority who are still cynical and doubtful about this woody preposition, hang in there. 
bookmark this page and maybe you wood soon be a believer. 

stay tuned for more...